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We’re Proud to Introduce You to the Blentech Innovation Center

Blentech is celebrating the opening of our new state of the art Innovation Center!  We are excited to invite everyone to visit us in the heart of California Wine Country.  In between touring our facility and learning about the newest advances in food processing technology, you’ll be able to get one on one process support from our food scientists and food process systems engineering staff.  Spend a day trying out different cooking strategies or testing out new recipes on our pilot test equipment and let us prove to you why we’re leading the industry in advancement, automation, design, and durability.  We’ll work with you create a customized test plan designed around your needs and metrics then present a report on what we learned.

We specialize in:

New Process and Product Development

Scale up

Research and Development

Quality Improvement

Automation Advancement

Labor Reduction

Minimizing Processing Times


Schedule a Trial with us today!

Blentech Presents At Seoul FoodTech

This week our International Sales Manager Akhilesh Pandey is attending Seoul FoodTech in Kintex, Goyang-si, South Korea with our friends from J.C. Trading.  The show runs from May 16th to May 19th.  Stop by our booth 1A106 to learn how Blentech Food Processing Equipment is a match for your industrial food production needs!


To learn more about how Blentech Corporation’s products and services, are a match for you, visit our website.  Want to know more?  Submit your inquiry to us HERE, or give us a call at 707-523-5949.  We look forward to seeing you!

Success Story: Wildbrine Testing with Blentech

Making the decision to purchase new equipment is not easy.   Weighing the benefits of new technologies, determining supplier capabilities and assessing capital budgets are all issues that need focus to determine what critical decision needs to be made. A visit to the Blentech Innovation Center can help guide you with these decisions.

Our customer Wildbrine found that testing with our process engineering team was essential to assure them that moving up to a larger mixer would reliably help them scale up their business.  They also determined that the automation that a Blentech mixer provided made it easier on their employees as well.  A win-win solution for the team at Wildbrine.

Listen to Wildbrine’s co-founder, Rick Goldberg, talk about his experiences testing with Blentech:


The Blentech Innovation Center is the place where our customers work with our process engineering team to:

–  Define which Blentech equipment can reliably help you scale up your production

–  Develop solutions to solve your unique challenges

–  Test new processes

–  Provide confidence in your purchase recommendations

–  Reduce time needed to develop the scope of your project

–  Experience in person the way Blentech’s superior equipment is built and operates

Testing at the Blentech Innovation Center is the best way to determine which Blentech solution is right for you.  Let us help you start making these decisions today.

Connect with our process engineering team to schedule your test in the Blentech Innovation Center today by contacting us HERE.

Orange you glad we’re in Orange County?

Team Orange, aka the Blentech Team, landed in Orange County last night then set up our booth today at the Natural Products Expo West in sunny Anaheim in Orange County, CA.









If you’re attending the expo, come check us out at booth #249 to learn about how Blentech food processing equipment can cook your ingredients faster on a larger scale while still maintaining the quality you look for in a small, craft company.

Or – if you see one of us in our “Don’t Settle for a Kettle” orange shirts with orange shoes, stop us and we’ll be happy to talk with you about how Blentech can help you scale up your natural products company.













See you at the show!


Are you settling for kettles?

Blentech is exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, CA March 10th – 12th on booth #249.   You can’t miss us in our electric orange shirts and matching shoes.




















Blentech Corporation’s process engineering team has been working with food companies for over 30 years to show them how they don’t have to settle for kettle cooking.   Listen to our team talk about Blentech in our video below.  Then come see us at the Natural Products Expo at booth #249 and we’ll show you how you can cook 50% faster, reduce ingredient costs, improve your yields and so much more with Blentech equipment.



Visit us at for more information.

Blentech Customer Sweet Earth and the Versatherm Cooker

Our customer Sweet Earth Natural Foods, who uses our VersaTherm technology to make their all natural, non-gmo and organic vegetarian burritos, talks below about how the Versatherm Cooker has helped them scale up their natural foods business.  Both Sarah and Tracey talk about how testing with Blentech provided a proof of concept that the Versatherm would maintain their quality product and consistent temperatures while also increasing their capacity ten-fold.  Blentech’s Process Engineering Team also guided Sweet Earth in designing a more ergonomically friendly design for their workers.



Blentech will be exhibiting at the Natural Products Expo West show in Anaheim this Friday, March 10th through Sunday, March 12th at booth #249.

Visit us at booth #249 to learn more about how the Versatherm cooks foods faster and more evenly than any traditional kettle system  – this means higher yields, safer foods and higher profits for you natural foods business.

Download a brochure for the Versatherm HERE.  Or, contact us today to schedule a free assessment.

See you at the show!

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Blentech Provides Financing Solutions for Customers Large and Small

financing option 1

When launching a new product, starting a new project or simply trying to grow your business, every business owner or professional manager is faced with the same dilemma. We are torn between buying the equipment solution we know is best and working within the available capital budget.
This challenge of course causes us to have to make choices that compromise the quality of our products and the efficiency of our lines. In a market where 75% of new product launches fail to succeed, the importance of getting it right on the scale up cannot be understated. Carefully researched concepts and artfully developed products can fail to meet the original vision for the product if the process and equipment solution installed fails to deliver the key attributes that make your product unique.

At Blentech Corporation, we’ve been dedicated to developing cooking, cooling and mixing solutions for food products for over 30 years. With the rise of entrepreneurial food processing companies, we also understand the business and technical challenges faced when launching a new product. To help our customers, Blentech is pleased to announce that we now offer financing solutions for projects large and small.
– We save you money because our rates are competitive.
– We save you time because our financing packages can often be quoted in minutes.
– We help you manage your assets the way you want because our solutions are flexible – we offer traditional and hybrid lease structures.

Some projects qualify for 0% financing.   With all this, we help you on your next project so that you don’t have to settle for a kettle.

If you’d like more information about Blentech financing solutions and how they can help you expedite your project, please contact us today HERE.

Visit our booth #249 at the Natural Products Expo West, March 10-12, 2017 in Anaheim, CA to inquire about special financing specials for companies just like yours.

Blentech Presents at Expo Carnes y Lácteos

Our very own Kevin Jesch, Regional Sales Manager for Mexico and South America, presented in Spanish to more than 100 attendees at the Expo Carnes Y Lácteos trade show in Monterrey, Mexico.











Kevin brings over 25 years experience in the food processing and packaging industry.   His strong background in Latin America and experiences with doing business in the region allow him to fluently communicate with the Spanish speaking community.














The Expo Carnes Y Lácteos trade show continues on today through March 3, 2017.  Stop by the Foodpak booth number 214, where you can visit with Kevin.  Ask him about our Versatherm – Batch Meat Cooker that’s prominently displayed.

Highlights of the Versatherm include:

–  Designed for product line expansion, growth, and flexibility
–  Wide range of application capabilities
–  Adaptable technology for changing client requirements
–  Reduced Cycle Times
–  Optimized ground meat oven heat delivery systems for utility conservation and reduced cycle times
–  40% reduction in process times compared to traditional hemispherical kettles
–  Fully integrated loading systems save time and improve process metrics











For more information about the Versatherm, visit our website HERE.

If you’d like to speak to Kevin directly about your project, you can email him at or press the “learn more” feature on our website to schedule a free assessment.

Visit Blentech at Expo Carnes y Lácteos

Blentech is partnering with Foodpak at the Expo Carnes y Lácteos trade show March 1-3, 2017 in Monterrey, Mexico.

Come by booth 214 to see what exciting things are happening at Blentech.

Foodpak Expo Carnes










Be sure to check out what our customers, like Sunsof,  are saying about testing with Blentech in our Spanish language video on our YouTube Channel HERE.

Sunsof can attest what they learned by testing with Blentech –  that kettle cooking has gone the way of the dinosaurs….












*Look for this guy at the Expo Carnes show – he’ll also tell you not to settle for a kettle!



To find out more about what Blentech Corporation can do for you, visit our website and press the LEARN MORE button on the right to schedule a free assessment.

30th Anniversary of Blentech Corporation


On Saturday, September 24th, 2016 our team here at Blentech Corporation gathered to celebrate our 30 year anniversary in Santa Rosa, California.  This was an important milestone for our company.  Six of our current employees – Darrell Horn, Nancy Corriveau, John Lennox, DuWayne Geigle, Mark Cook and Ray Foster – also celebrated 30 years of service with Blentech as well.  A toast was made to celebrate all that our employees bring to the Blentech table.  Check out our video and join us in celebrating 30 years of Blentech.

Contact us today to find out what Blentech can do for you.

We have found the Blentech cooker to be more versatile than our standard cooking kettles. Our yields and product quality are excellent with the Blentech technology and the cycle times exceeded our expectations! The robust construction of Blentech equipment is unparalleled..

Bruce Cihonski
of Tyson Foods

Blentech Gets Published!

Blentech is published in "Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products."

By: Darrell Horn and Daniel Voit