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Nancy Corriveau – Women in Business Honoree

We are excited to announce that Blentech’s Nancy Corriveau, Director of Operations, has been selected as a winner in the North Bay Business Journal’s Women in Business!

Nancy has been with Blentech since its inception and has been a critical part of the Blentech team for more than 32 years.  If there is someone who knows the heartbeat of Blentech, it is Nancy Corriveau. We all know what an amazing person and business woman Nancy is and we couldn’t be happier now that she is being honored by her community as well.  Congratulations Nancy! It’s an honor well deserved!

Dr. Jerry Xue Speaking at OSU

Our distinguished colleague Dr. Zhengjun “Jerry” Xue is speaking at Ohio State University’s short course for the meat industry on Thermal Processing of RTE Meat Products in Columbus, Ohio.  You can find Dr. Xue speaking today, April 26th at 1:30 pm in the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center about “Thermal Processing of Slurries with Indirect Heating Systems“.

Stop by and say hello to Dr. Xue and ask him your most difficult thermal processing questions.  If there is one person who has the answer, it’s Dr. Xue.  Contact us any time and we can pass these questions on to Dr. Xue directly.

North Bay Business Journal Forty Under 40 – Akhilesh Pandey


Congratulations are in order for Blentech’s very own Akhilesh Pandey who has been selected as part of the 2018 class of North Bay Business Journal’s 11th annual Forty Under 40!

Akhilesh currently serves as the International Sales Manager for Blentech having quickly risen to this role through hard work and international savvy.


Akhil started at Blentech as an entry level engineer focusing on the design and testing of new technology development. He quickly rose in our ranks, being promoted to new technology start up lead roles for projects installed around the world, then to Applications Engineering management and then to the senior management position he holds today.


In his role, he has built new markets for our company developing sales outlets in China, Thailand, Germany, Poland, and South Africa to name a few.  A native from India, Akhil is conversant in 5 languages.


The job of International Sales manager requires relentless travel across Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe to earn new manufacturing business for the North Bay and build sales support systems for each new market.



There are many examples of his efforts and in recent years, he has lead our teams to earn contracts with the largest spring roll manufacturer in China as well as high efficiency prepared foods producers in Eastern Europe, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand. These contracts normally exceed $1,000,000 for Sonoma County each totaling about 5 million in sales annually.


Akhil works patiently and persistently to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States by developing functioning international sales systems.


His leadership pioneer’s new markets for US Manufacturing and helps our company to develop new technologies.



Being an engineer, he cherishes working on wood art using a Computer Numeric Control (“CNC”) machine that he built by himself.

He designs intricate 3D models in his free time and uses his CNC to machine the wood to form beautiful art shapes.


One of this upcoming projects is to make personalized nameplates for all his colleagues and friends.


In his spare time, Akhil enjoys long-distance rollerblading along the San Francisco bay trail close to his house, traveling several miles at a time. He believes that the distance allows him to break away from his daily routine and keep fit. Rollerblading is a hobby that he has carried from a young age and continues to improve on his technique.


Congratulations Akhilesh!


Blentech at Anuga Food Tec

Are you attending the Anuga Food Tec show in Cologne, Germany this week? Be sure to stop by the Cabinplant A/S booth in hall 10.1, stand F031 F039.  Blentech’s Akhilesh Pandey is there to start a conversation about how Blentech technologies can assist you in your food production needs.  Also pictured below are our colleagues from Cabinplant A/S:  Per Granberg and  Henry Opel.  Stop by and say hello!

Happy Pi Day

Here at Blentech, we don’t let a day like Pi Day pass us by without celebrating.   We happen to know a thing or two about pie filings but it doesn’t hurt to sample the latest pies on the market to stay up to speed.  In fact, stay tuned to our blog for upcoming demonstrations on making pie filling at our Innovation Center.   Or, contact us today to test your pie filing or other application.


How are you celebrating Pi Day?

Where in the world is Blentech?

Blentech at Tara salt flats, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Tara Salt Flats, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Blentech is all over the globe – our equipement, our technologies and our people.  Our International Sales Manager, Akhilesh Pandey, recently traveled to Chile and made sure that Blentech was seen far and wide.

Blentech at Torres-Del-Paine-National-Park-Chile

Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

No matter where you are in the world, Blentech is there too.

Contact us today to start the conversation about how Blentech can engineer a solution for you.

Blentech Tara-salt-flats-San-Pedro-de-Atacama-Chile





Meanwhile, pass the empanadas.




Tara Salt Flats, San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

5 Benefits to Testing at The Blentech Innovation Center

Innovation is critical yet change can be hard. It is even harder when moving from an older technology to the latest in food processing solutions. Blentech understands the challenges associated with scale up and hard decisions that need to be made to take your product to the next level.

Have you thought about how testing can help you gain peace of mind through proof of concept?


Here are 5 benefits you can gain by working with our food processing and engineering experts at the Blentech Innovation Center:


1. So you can Stop Scratching Your Head!

Quit searching the internet and playing phone tag with potential vendors. Work collaboratively with our team to find the right solutions for your company. Talk through and experience your solution before you settle for a solution that may not work for you. Don’t get stuck waiting for drawings quotes and proposal before you even know if a solution is feasible.  Start that conversation with us.

 2. To Stay Ahead of the Game

At Blentech, we keep you prepared and up to date by asking the right questions and sending you all the information before your trial. With our pre-trial preparations like sourcing your ingredients, staffing and set up, the burden is off of you.  After the trial, you will be prepared to inform your team of what happened during the trial without attending or the extra effort of writing a report. Comprehensive post-trial reports are included to help you and your executives make decisions.

3. To Discover and Experience

Experience the expertise, attention to detail, and passion for food the Blentech trial team brings to each project. Experience the ancillary equipment that has the ability to integrate into your production line by testing compatibility.

4. To Develop Your Project

Whether you come to experience a Blentech piece of equipment for the first time for a Demo or to perform your own custom trial, seeing what is possible opens opportunities. Legacy customers can keep their existing equipment running while developing new products or existing processes off-site in reduced batch sizes.

5. The Data

Avoid introducing human error into your testing process by manually tracking data. Receive immediate feedback during your trial using the Blentech CookerCloud to live stream your data securely.


Want to learn more about how you can have peace of mind through proof of concept at our Innovation Center? Watch our video here then contact our team to craft your experience at the Blentech Innovation Center.

When a Legend Retires

You may think this legend is just another one of the founding employees of Blentech and yes, that’s also true; however – did you know that the 1950 Winner of The Frog Jumping Contest of Calaveras County has been walking these halls for more than 30 years?

Our very own John Malcolm Lennox, III won this contest at 7 years old with a frog named “X-100”. That frog jumped 14 feet and 9 inches. He was even invited to appear on the Art Linkletter show “House Party”.  And, made the front page of The San Bernardino County Daily Sun newspaper on May 22, 1950.


But that’s just part of the story….

As told by our Chairman and founder, Darrell Horn, “My plan when I started Blentech was to manufacture winery equipment since my business experience was the development of mechanical grape harvesters and I knew all of the winery owners. I bought the manufacturing equipment from a food equipment company that was going out of business and hired some of their employees including John Lennox, their talented mechanical engineer. John and I worked well together.



I would come to him with a ‘bad’ idea for a new equipment invention and he would figure out how to turn my ‘bad’ idea into a functional, innovative machine that actually worked.


Through good times and bad times, I could always depend on John to step up and give me good advice on the necessary steps forward to solve problems.








During the formative years of Blentech, John was responsible for the design of a string of new inventions that have transformed the production of food in the poultry, beef, rice and sauce industries.






He was responsible for the design of the VersaTherm, BlenTherm, VersaWok, ContinuTherm, ContinuBlend, SteamTherm, HydraTherm and most recently the InfinityCooker.”



John’s office is just outside the factory, accessible to all who went to him for his knowledge and problem solving skills. Other than his yearly trip to Disneyland with his grandchildren or roaming the countryside in his RV, in his office is where all could always find him for counsel.   Always.


As Mark Cook, 30+ year Blentech employee, tells it “His projects were always fun and challenging. I liked working with John because he was very detail oriented and thorough.

He was always thinking about how we could make things easier and more foolproof to fabricate.


And in later years he actually listened to my input.”










Over the years, John became the mentor for so many. Including, Jack Sloane, Research and Development Manager. “John Lennox has been one of my major sources of mentorship and inspiration. He creatively bridged the fields of mechanical design and applications engineering and brought extensive experience and pragmatism to defining problems and applying engineering principles to real world food processing challenges. He was always generous with his time and knowledge, imparting these skills to the larger team. Being under his wing for much of my 8 year tenure with Blentech has provided me with confidence and a solid foundation. He’ll be missed around here, but his influence and legacy will be long lasting.”



He was impressionable on all who met him and worked with him.   Says Nancy Corriveau, Director of Operations, also a 30+ year employee of Blentech, “I fondly recall the early days we spent, wearing many hats, which fostered the strong camaraderie that helped create our Blentech culture today.”  Dr. Zhengjun “Jerry” Xue says of John, “He’s truly a mentor to me. His guidance and encouragement helped me thrive in a very fast paced and competitive environment at Blentech. He will surely be missed.” 

Our CEO, Daniel Voit sums it up perfectly:



“Leadership Gurus often say “no one is irreplaceable.” Those experts, never met John Lennox.  He brought a one of a kind mix of engineering skill, focus, creative, project management and drive to the Blentech team.  Not a week goes by when I don’t eat something that was made on a machine he originally designed or patented.  He is a dynamic engineer and more than that, he was friend and mentor.








Thank you for everything you did for the Blentech team, for Santa Rosa, CA and for the global food industry.”

Enjoy your well earned retirement, John. 

Your legendary presence here will be missed.

A Year in Review

As this year draws to a close, we thank you for being a part of all these great experiences – how will we connect with you in 2018?

See you in 2018!



Happy Holidays!


The holiday spirit is agitating through the Blentech factory!


Blentech wishes you and your families a
very happy holiday season!


Our office will be closed at noon PST on Friday, December 22nd and will reopen at 6 am PST on Tuesday, December 26th.

Thank you for partnering with us this past year. We look forward to blending our expertise and innovation to help you engineer a solution – let’s start a conversation in the new year!

We have found the Blentech cooker to be more versatile than our standard cooking kettles. Our yields and product quality are excellent with the Blentech technology and the cycle times exceeded our expectations! The robust construction of Blentech equipment is unparalleled..

Bruce Cihonski
of Tyson Foods

Blentech Gets Published!

Blentech is published in "Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products."

By: Darrell Horn and Daniel Voit