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Blending the fundamentals of design and performance

Dual Agitator Mixers

Choose a machine that goes beyond the capabilities of an off the shelf mixer. A dual agitated mixer may be all you need to mix and blend large batches of artisanal quality products. Blentech’s vast blending expertise allows us to identify ideal mixer configurations for any application with custom or standard agitators. The design results in better particulate integrity. Horizontal mixers blend products in multiple dimensions with low shear; lifting and folding the batch while stirring it about the vessel trough. Create pre blends and save time in higher value equipment to speed up production. Automated controls simplify production and labor needs in your plant while scaling up.  When it comes to large batches of more viscous products with the tendency to nest get better mixing; choose Blentech’s dual agitated mixer. Blentech’s cookers are more efficient than standard hemispherical kettles and could be part of a complete system to cook and chill in the same unit using vacuum cooling technology.

Twin/ Dual agitator

  • Reversible agitators break up the product and eliminates “cylindering”.
  • Blend evely and discharge quickly.

Safety Features

  • CE grade standards.
  • Interlocked guarding increases employee safety

Discharge door

  • Improved discharge % resulting in high yield batches.
  • Rapid and controlled discharge of product.

Double U shaped body

  • Reduce settling and improve batch uniformity.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fold more efficient for a more homogeneous product.

Long life

  • Reliable Shaft seals reduce maintenance cost.
  • Robust stainless steel construction designed to last.
  • Vacuum system  deaeration to draw out air pockets 
  • Cryogenic package including LN and CO2  
  • Jacket cooling and heating package 
  • Multiple discharge options based on product application 
  • Ingredient addition systems for recipes that include liquid, powder and solid inclusions
  • Vacuum loading systems 
  • Load cells, temperature measurement with precise instrumentation 
  • Variable speed control and recipe management 
  • CIP capabilities to expedite sanitation schedule 
  • Solid shaft options for agitator design 
  • ISA88 batching software 
  • Custom cover options such as a sliding lid

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