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Optimal Processing for a Variety of Cheese Products


Pull and stretch your formulation to its greatest potential. Blentech’s Cheese Cooker keeps production flowing for a variety of cheese applications.

Blentech finds ways to support companies all over the world with innovative solutions. The CheezTherm is our offering for simple, day-to-day cheese processing. We understand the requirements for optimal production. Using our experience, we determined the needs of our customers and provide complete automation and technology for premium quality foods. Making processed and analog cheeses has never been so easy and seamless.

  • Dual Agitator
  • Safety Features
  • Automation
  • Variable Speed
  • Temperature Control
  • Direct Steam Injection
  • Jacket provides consistent heat for cooking applications.
  • Onboard CIP package for reduction of cleaning times.
  • Vacuum de-areation upgrade improves product quality by removing air bubbles and pockets.
  • Steam filtration for your culinary steam eliminates any impurities.
  • Various automated loading and unloading solutions reduce labor needs.

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