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Single Agitator Blending Batch Steam Cooker


Ideally suited for the full-absorption batch production of rice, staged rice dishes, pasta, and specialty grains. There is no waste of utilities, thus making this process conservative from an energy standpoint.

The Blentech SteamTherm single agitator cooker is ideally suited to be part of your ready meal cooking system. As many expanding businesses know, there are many ways of doing the same job. With the SteamTherm you can scale up effectively, spending less on different pieces of equipment and saving floor space. Blentech does not sacrifice thorough, even cooking or excellent particulate integrity and neither should your company. The SteamTherm design takes advantage of it's small footprint by providing multiple operations in a single unit. Our customers value the benefits of minimal yield loss, highly efficient heat transfer that reduces cooking times and reliable product consistency. All water added for rice cooking is fully absorbed into the product allowing this process to have zero waste of utilities.

Segmented Ribbon Agitators

  • Gentle agitator design preserves particulate integrity.
  • Minimal agitation for careful discharge.

Discharge Door and Body

  • Complete product unloading through 40% larger discharge door.
  • Proprietary design optimizes cooking volume to promote even hydration.

Safety Features

  • CE grade standards.
  • Interlocked guarding increases employee safety.

Disc Seal

  • Stops product leaks and drives down cleaning times.
  • Eliminates agitator shaft wear for product longevity.


  • Easily configurable program controls all cooking parameters.
  • Programming for precise process control to obtain consistant, scalable results.

Direct Steam Injection

  • Interchangeable injectors for a wide range of products.
  • Gentle heating preserves protein structure while increasing starch hydration.
  • Pasta drain door removes excess water after cooking.
  • Recipe management for ease of access and batch consistency.
  • Ingredient addition systems for recipes that include liquid, powder and solid inclusions.
  • Integrated cooling options to improve efficiency and ensure product safety.
  • Onboard CIP package reduces cleaning time.
  • Work package for batch stir frying and sautéing of vegetables, meats for prepared rice dishes.

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