Optimal Thermal Processing for a Variety of Products

Infinity Cooker

Process continuously with high pressure and steam injection technology. Use the space you have and reduce your labor needs.

The Infinity Cooker is a fully continuous direct steam injection cooker with precise temperature control and unlimited possibilities. This proprietary technology reduces labor and increase product consistency across the board positively impacting the bottom line. The Infinity Cooker meets USDA and USDA Dairy standards and it’s possible to attain large scale production while reducing energy and labor needs.

  • Intermeshing Agitator
  • Safety Features
  • Automation
  • Small Foot Print
  • Pressure Cooking
  • Mulit-Zone Steam Injection
  • Vacuum flash cooling for rapid dewatering and chilling.
  • Integrated pump feeders to feed even the most pasty suspensions and solid products.
  • Premixing / standardization for uniform production for processed cheese products as well as other foods.
  • Integrated instrumentation for advanced process control such as pH and conductivity.
  • Integrated back pressure control to attain fully cooked product.
  • Hold tubes allow complete gelatinization temperature and time for your product.
  • Various cooling options including tubular and scrape surface heat exchangers.
  • Processed, Analog Cheeses
  • Pet Food
  • Sweet and Savory Fillings
  • Soups, Sauces and Stews

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  • Ready Meals Prepared Foods
  • Soups, Sauces and Stews
  • Processed, Analog Cheeses
  • Shredded, Ground and Pulled Meats
  • Rice, Pasta and Grains
  • Crumbles (Pizza toppings)
  • Sweet and Savory Fillings
  • Chilled, Formed and Marinated Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Jams, Jellies and Confectionary
  • Plant Based Proteins
  • Pet Food
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