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About Blentech

Our industry has entered the 4th Industrial Revolution, technology is evolving and changes are accelerating. Digital Transformation is disrupting our industry, the globe and Blentech’s purpose is to help companies meet these challenges. Through our robust Equipment, Innovative Engineering, groundbreaking Automation, and Integrated Systems, we help the industry meet the demands of today and provide a foundation for the future.

Four Pillars

Blentech's designs are built on 4 decades of experience in cooking and mixing applications.  The digital technology that drives our machines is changing but the quality requirements of the core equipment remain.  Blentech’s machines are different.  Each machine is built with proven proprietary designs and fabrication procedures.  This extends the life of the equipment in even the most demanding applications.  Our customers routinely demonstrate that our equipment lasts >50% longer than jacketed blenders.  To find out more about “What Makes Blentech a Blentech," Contact Us today to schedule a webinar.

Through our robust Equipment, Innovative Engineering, groundbreaking Automation, and Integrated Systems, we help the industry meet the demands of today and provide a foundation for the future.
Blentech Four Pillars

Lower your cost with Blentech Cookers

Our Culture

As a three-time winner of North Bay Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, we value our strong culture.  Blentech embodies a true team environment where all employees work together towards a common purpose – our customer’s success.  Our business succeeds through its people and we empower them genuinely.

  • We are connected, using the latest technologies to collaborate efficiently, whether physically or remotely through a hybrid work environment.
  • We communicate effectively across technical, generational and cultural divides.
  • We are data driven and rely on structured problem solving in decision making and creative processes though the use of our cutting edge business software systems.
  • We are exceptional problem solvers - seeking to understand the true nature of any challenge rather than jumping to solutions.
    Our culture actively seeks to mentor and nurture capabilities both within our team as well as our customers and strategic partners.
  • We see past departmental walls to further develop our team and thus creates an environment that innovates greater technologies for our customers.
  • Across the board, customer satisfaction is of topmost importance and it's in part because our team truly cares about in what they are creating and the relationships with our customers

Hear about Blentech and it's winning culture

If you’d like to learn more about the award winning Blentech Culture, check out the Manufacturing happy hour Podcast by Chris Luecke, featuring our CEO, Daniel Voit.




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Blentech History

Blentech’s success is deeply rooted in our ability to innovate, offering sharp entrepreneurial business acumen, quality workmanship, and project execution. This is all driven by passion for what we do. Blentech is not just a cooker manufacturer. We offer decades of proven real world solutions created by blending simplicity with technology.


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