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Process to Package, Improve Line Performance

Surge Hoppers

The dependable Blentech Surge Hopper is a must have addition for your system and helps fill a crucial gap in your production lines. It sits at the cusp of where processing lines meet packaging. It maintains temperature and particulate suspension and ensures constant supply of your product to match your production requirements. Double your production capacity by freeing up your primary cooker for continuous operation and avoid packaging line interruptions. You can rely on the Blentech Surge Hopper as an integral part of your production line to help you achieve the highest ROI.


  • Suspends particulates evenly for uniform
    drain weights.
  • Standardized for specific application needs.


  • Maintain continuous flow to your packaging
    line without waste or interruptions.
  • Application oriented hopper design.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Easily configurable program control al
    marinating parameters.


  • Minimize waste through efficient
    product discharge.
  • Customizable discharge configuration.


  • USDA and CE approved; materials are stainless
    steel and corrosion resistant.
  • Smooth and continuous welds free of undercuts for
    ease of cleaning.


  • Seamlessly interfaces with multiple machines.
  • Accurate monitoring of product to ensure
    consistent pumping/flow.
  • Water or steam jacket to maintain product temperature during packaging to ensure food safety.
  • Precise instrumentation for accurate level control and weight measurement.
  • Air-operated diverter chute interfaces with cooker and surge hopper for controlled discharge.
  • Integrated pumping options available.

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