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Team Tangerine: Blentech’s Mechanical Engineering Department

Greetings from Team Tangerine!

Joel Meyn, Daniel Erdman, Jimmy Zertuche, Chris Kelly, Drew Moug, David Ellis

This handsome group of men comprise the mechanical engineering team at Blentech. Recently we’ve been designing a system that will end up being the largest school lunch program in the country, producing up to 20,000 lbs of food per hour. The system is incredibly versatile.  It uses multiple BlenTherms to cook mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, various chilis, sauces, burrito filling… the list goes on.

When we aren’t working on massive systems, we’re creating solutions to problems our customers have not been able to solve before, such as our new, revolutionary sliding cover.  One of our customers realized their ceilings were too low for our traditional opening cover.  Through the use of our Engineering Services we were able to develop a new solution with them and design for them a cover that not only gave them a unique edge but it also reduced their overhead opening height.

When we’re not working hard in the office, we’re playing hard. Three of our engineers play on the company softball team, the Agitators. Get it? Great name for a Blentech team!  Chris and Jimmy roam the outfield looking for fly balls and Drew is our short stop. In one of our games, Chris managed to hit two towering home runs to seal a victory. When we’re not playing softball, at the end of the day we gather in the burgeoning local beer scene. Luckily for us, the newly opened Blentech Innovation Center is located right next to Henhouse Brewery.

Our team has proven time and again there is no problem the Blentech staff can’t solve. And while our sales team will be off at the Process Expo next week as Team Orange at booth #2020, trust that Team Tangerine will be holding down the fort here coming up with new solutions for your food processing ideas.  Contact us today to discuss your project!

Drew Moug, Blentech Assistant Engineering Manager

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