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Shutting down for the holidays? Schedule your service visit!

Are you preparing for holiday shut downs? Utilize your team’s downtime by scheduling your Blentech Service visits to ensure your equipment is running to its maximum potential. Let the Blentech Service team help keep your equipment running efficiently and smoothly.

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Pack Expo International 2022, Come meet Blentech Team, with Dan ill Voit, Matt Hartman, and Kevin Jesch

Meet our Pack Expo ’22 Staff

It’s not too late to register for Pack Expo taking place October 23rd-26th at McCormick Place in Chicago! Just look for the booth that has all the orange and blue! (or find us at LU-7146 :))

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National Peach Month

Happy National Peach Month! Contact us today to speak with a member of our team regarding your fruit application!

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National Fajita Day

Happy National Fajita & Bad Poetry Day!

August 18th is both National Fajita Day and National Bad Poetry Day! Make sure to check out the (bad) poem we’ve written and contact us to speak with a member of our team about any fajita projects!

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Upgrade your Blentech Automation!

Blentech can help you produce more with less. If you’re producing on Blentech equipment, a retrofit of your Automation can not only enhance your current production, but it can also increase it.

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Let’s talk about Pet Food

Blentech equipment can cook a variety of food products from rice, to meat, to spring roll mix and so much more in between. But did you know that Blentech equipment can also produce high quality pet food? We know that pets have increasingly risen in the ranks with pet parents wanting the highest quality nutrition for their pets.

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Utilize ARTIS™ for Food Safety Record Keeping

Utilize ARTIS™ Automation for Food Safety

When it comes to food production, we understand the importance of food safety for your products. With Blentech’s ARTIS™ on your team, you can automate and maintain digital records to support tracking your HACCP required data.

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Not too late to join us at IFT First!

It’s not too late to register and join us at the IFT First trade show taking place July 11th-13th at McCormick Place in Chicago. Look for us under the orange hanging banner at booth S4029!

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Blentech’s Dan Voit will be at IFT!

Blentech team members are getting ready to see you at the IFT First trade show taking place July 11th-13th at McCormick Place in Chicago. One of our team members at the Blentech booth (booth S4029) will be Blentech’s CEO, Daniel Voit. Dan has over 20 years of food industry experience.

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Coming to IFT? Talk to us about testing with Blentech!

Looking to scale up your production? Refine a new recipe? Looking to do some R&D Testing but not sure where to start? Stop by the Blentech Booth S4029 at IFT First taking place July 11th-13th at McCormick Place in Chicago to talk to the Blentech team about testing at the Blentech Innovation Center. Our Blentech Innovation Center is fully equipped with our cooking and mixing equipment for proof of concept testing, and our Blentech team of engineers and food scientists will collaborate with you on testing and trials to suit your project goals.

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