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Sonoma County Connections visits Blentech

Blentech was thrilled to host the County of Sonoma’s Economic Development Board‘s Sonoma County Connections this Spring. EDB is a County of Sonoma agency that seeks to promote a healthy economy by supporting our local businesses. Blentech greatly enjoyed sharing why we love being a part of Sonoma County, and the opportunity to have our work photographed in action.

Blentech has had its roots in Sonoma County since 1986 when we first began. We were a small operation at the time and never could have imagined we would be the company we are today. Our reach, automation and team have grown significantly in the last three and a half decades.

With Sonoma County’s robust wine industry, owner Darrell Horn originally planned to fabricate grape harvesting equipment but changed direction and moved into food processing equipment. Our team brings process and equipment solutions that deliver safe, economical, nutritious and good-tasting foods to the WORLD.

Thank you Sonoma County Connections for the visit and the beautiful photos of the work that we do. If you’re interested in learning more about Blentech contact us today.

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