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Hear what’s new with Blentech at Food Northwest!

Blentech will be at the Food Northwest Expo April 4-6th in Portland, Oregon and we can’t wait to hear what is new with you and share what is new with us. Use discount code VIP2023expo and register today to attend the show and stop by booth 224 to chat with us.

Highlights we will be sharing at the show are our pre-engineered line and our ARTIS™ automation.

Blentech’s pre-engineered line includes our most common models with optimized feature sets designed for fast delivery at an economical price. Our Blentherm is a single agitator cooker used for applications like soups and sauces, our Versatherm is a dual agitator cooker for applications like burrito fillings and shredded meats, and our Steamtherm is a single agitator cooker ideally suited for rice applications. Having a pre engineered option helps you get into production faster and at a lower cost to your team.

Food Northwest Process & Packaging Expo, Blentech Corporation

Looking to enhance your equipment? Then you’ll also want to stop by our booth to hear about our ARTIS™ automation technologies which gives you real time data for your cook process. If you’re looking to reduce labor, have recipe consitency across multiple machines or gather real time data during your cook process, you will definitely want to stop by for a demo and to learn more.

Contact us today if you’d like to set up a time to meet with us at our booth and hear more!

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