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Kelly Hamilton at Dreamforce 2022

This afternoon our Director of Operations, Kelly Hamilton, spoke with Stu Johnson of Rootstock about how Rootstock Software has helped Blentech in transforming our business data into a “single source of truth”.

Daniel Voit, CEO & Kelly Hamilton, Director of Operations at Dreamforce 2022.
Daniel Voit, CEO & Kelly Hamilton, Director of Operations at Dreamforce 2022.

Life prior to Salesforce was a chaotic place; we used MAS for work ticket creation and Microsoft Access database created a cut, sheer and requisition list. Those were essentially our work orders. Most of requisitioning was done by post it notes left on the purchasing managers desk! The hardest part was Accounting had to manage all sales orders for every type of revenue activity. Now, our project managers, service, and parts leads create and manage all sales orders through PPSI and Accounting only needs to focus on collections and payment of vendors.

Blentech started using Salesforce in 2015 for lead and opportunity management for Sales and case management for Service and Parts which is when we realized (lightbulb moment) that keeping everything in the same place, from start to finish, on a common platform was the obvious strategy. We were still facing serious issues with revision and document control so in 2018 we decided to invest in Propel (a tool on the Salesforce Platform) for BOM and Project Management. Then we added Rootstock (another tool on the Salesforce Platform) in 2021 for everything else, from work orders to procurement to financials! Ever since that lightbulb moment, they have been supporting us in connecting our supply chains with real-time data on one unified platform!

Blentech will always be working toward continuous improvement and data informed decision making, not data driven. We will never complete our digital transformation because we will never be done improving. As long as there are new people, techniques, and technologies, Blentech will always have continuous improvement initiatives.

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