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Upgrade your Blentech Automation!

Blentech can help you produce more with less.  If you’re producing on Blentech equipment, a retrofit of your Automation can not only enhance your current production, but it can also increase it.  

Are you producing the same recipes across multiple machines?  Are you looking to produce more with your current equipment?  Are you looking for quality control across all production units?  Upgrade your current Blentech cookers and mixers by retrofitting your automation with our upgraded technologies.

Produce more with less on a Blentech.

What are some of the benefits to upgrading your Automation on your current Blentech equipment?

  • Leverage your capacity by producing more with the same equipment by utilizing our upgraded automation capabilities
  • Reduce your labor with recipes that will run themselves
  • Ensure product consistency from batch to batch
  • Utilize our automation capabilities for deviation detection by using daily reporting to catch deviation from normal steps and implement immediate correction
  • Track your necessary production and HACCP data

Ready to talk about retrofitting your current Blentech equipment’s automation?  Contact us today.

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