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Social Distancing in a Modern Food Factory

Blentech’s CEO Daniel Voit collaborated with Tara McHugh on an article in the most recent issue of IFT’s Food Technology magazine to talk about the new measures now required to keep food factories safe in today’s world.

Modern food factory showing social distancing measures like space between workers and lines not to cross on the floor

As an industry we are quickly learning new ways to protect our people and ensure our food processing systems operate safely and efficiently. Many of these changes will be enduring, and changes in each of these four categories are important for success in the future.

Daniel Voit, CEO, Blentech Corporation
A table showing categories "Culture and Communication", "Engineered and Environmental", "Process Design", and "Technological" providing near and long term solutions.

You can read more about Daniel’s thoughts on social distancing in the workplace in the online version of IFT’s Food Technology magazine article.

How can Blentech help you in making these changes for your production? We are uniquely capable to provide recommendations and solutions as it relates to process design and the retrofitting of your equipment with modern automation technologies.

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