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A Message to our Customers

Our team brings process and equipment solutions that deliver safe, economical, nutritious and good-tasting foods to the WORLD

Blentech understands what our Purpose Statement really means during a time of crisis. It means that WE ARE HERE and will continue to be here for you, our customers, who make the food that people depend on. Effective immediately –

1. We have created a parts and service hotline for you to call directly to fulfill any urgent parts orders or service requests to prevent any interruption in your production.


2. We have created a direct sales number to call for any urgent equipment sales you may need to keep up with your demands.


We have offices in different parts of the US and have the ability to answer service calls by a real, live Blentech person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you call while we are speaking with another customer and have to leave a message, you will get a return call from us the same day. Our factory, panel building shop and machine shop are designed to allow the required “social distancing” space between workers and therefore, we do not anticipate any delay or disruption in our production processes.

Human health and safety has been and will continue to be a priority for us as we continue to monitor the changing landscape as it relates to the COVID-19 outbreak to ensure our employees have a safe work environment. And we feel fortunate that we proactively developed remote working systems both for our internal operations as well as for the equipment we provide so that we can continue to deliver on our purpose even in times of crisis.

In fact, a large percentage of our employees already work remotely or have the ability to work remotely with much of our business running on cloud based technologies. Our engineers are effectively collaborating remotely to design your food processing solutions and communicating with our production areas to continue making the Blentech equipment the food industry has come to rely on. In essence, we’re exemplifying our promise to “stay close, even at a distance”.

One thing that has always been true about Blentech is: we are loyal and we are resilient. During the devastating 2017 wildfires where much of our city of Santa Rosa was destroyed along with the homes of many Blentech employees, we knew this to be true. We were there for one another and for our customers, every day, despite the harsh new realities of our surroundings. Today’s current landscape is looking to be a similar experience. At Blentech we like to say we are “better together”.

Allow us to be better together with you.

If you have any questions please reach out to your sales manager at, our service department at or, you can reach me directly via phone 1-707-271-3437 or email

Daniel Voit

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