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Blentech Active in Sonoma County

Many of us here at Blentech spend our time away from the office being active.  We are so lucky to work, and for most of us also live, in Sonoma County, California.   For us, Sonoma County is the ideal area to expand your career and enjoy life outdoors.  Often, our Blentech days allow us to be active together like the photo above taken at a recent sales and marketing meeting.  We had a group hike to “Walk the Planets” in the gorgeous Sugarloaf Ridge State Park.

At Blentech, it’s not just one of the “best places to work” in the North Bay, it’s a place where true friendships are formed.

Pictured:  Chris Roberts,  Emma Coe, Crystal Dinh, Chris Stadick, Shannon McLarty, Krista Drechsler.  Location: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Pictured:  Matthew HartmanNed Connelly and Kevin Jesch       Location: Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Pictured:  Caroline WoodChris StadickKrista DrechslerDaniel Voit  Location: Annadel Half Marathon

Blentech has many athletes among us…often, your Blentech family races next to you at a local park.

Pictured:  Vanessa Wallace
Location: Santa
Rosa Creek Trail

















Some brave the mud more than others…



Pictured:  Mark Cook
Location: Russian River Mud Run at Shone Farm












Some explore the backwoods, the coast and area vineyards on two wheels










Pictured: (L) Drew Moug and Jill Moug  (C) Vince Glaviano  (R) Mary Hackett


Others head towards a more relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors…


Pictured left:  Sandy Louke. Location: Russian River                                                                            Pictured right: Lynn Rawson and grandson.  Location:  above the Sonoma County wine country.








Pictured: (L) Kelly Hamilton and Abby Hamilton at Sonoma Valley Regional Park
(C) Mark Cook at Foothill Regional Park
(R) Nancy Corriveau and Denise Corriveau at Doran Beach.

Tranquility can be found in many places just outside your front door.

Pictured:  Jon Valez.   Location:  Russian River under the  Wohler Bridge

At Blentech, we work hard together as a team – and enjoy the time we can get to know one another outside the office.









Encouraging one another to push to get to the top of that hill, helping one another across the overflowing streams and toasting to our accomplishments that we made TOGETHER.

Come join our Sonoma County Blentech team and you too can find joy in the work, enthusiasm with your work family…..


Pictured:  (L) Matt Hartman and Kurt Risic
(C) Blentech Team
(R) Matt Hartman and Akhilesh Pandey








and tranquility in your surroundings.















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