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Blentech Perspective: Plan B

Matthew Hartman, Senior Automation Sales Manager

I like to push myself, mentally and physically.   I like to challenge myself to be a better version of me, time and again.  Particularly when it comes to fitness.  Over Thanksgiving I had a little tumble, an unexpected accident.

While in Oklahoma visiting family, I set out to go “rucking” at Turkey Mountain Urban Wilderness Area. Rucking is hiking with a weighted backpack. In my case, a 30-pound steel plate. The plan was to complete a 5 mile ruck through this very hilly beautiful area and complete it in a faster time than last Thanksgiving.  At around mile 2.5, descending down a 30 degree, heavily eroded trail, I rolled my ankle on a rock and went face first down the trail.   Followed immediately by my 30-pound weighted backpack, my ruck, coming over my head bashing my face down into the trail.   Not exactly how I saw this ruck going!  A little stunned, I got up, checked for broken bones (luckily I had none), took a few deep breaths, put my ruck back on and pushed on to the back half of the loop to the trail where my car was.

Yes, I lost a little time in completing my ruck.  And, I was surely a little more bruised and banged up, but it didn’t stop me. Yes, I took a moment to assess if I was okay and then yes, I continued on my way and still completed my ruck as intended – albeit, many minutes longer than I had planned.  Plan B at this point, was to just get up and going again and complete it.

Me falling and getting banged up, is an experience our customers can relate to.  They set out with a desired goal, have all the equipment/gear needed to accomplish the goal and BAM! something happens and suddenly you’re falling down a mountain getting your head bashed into the ground!

As a company, Blentech understands that our customers find themselves in situations where things don’t go according to plan.  That often in the middle of accomplishing a goal, the wheels literally and figuratively fall off; yet, you need to get back up and going and push on to completion.

At Blentech, we are here to help you determine what those “plan B” solutions can be to help you deliver the best outcomes.  Contact us today and let us coach you to through a successful Plan B.  We can ruck through it together.

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