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Food for Frank and Fifi, Blentech’s Experience with Pet Food

Nancy Corriveau, Director of Operations and Oakley

Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell can be up to a million times stronger than their owners?

Animals are very particular, even more particular than humans, when it comes to their food. This means that the precision and quality of these products are as important, if not more, than human food.

Lumos, Jax and Camo

Blentech believes that better mixing and precision temperature controls goes hand in hand with quality.

It’s what our customers demand and we strive to provide in our technologies. This is especially important for high quality pet food. Blentech follows the same manufacturing precision on pet food cookers that we do in manufacturing human food cookers. Animals are also sensitive to food impurities and pathogens so the quality and sanitation of the equipment processing pet food products must always be at the same level as our human food cookers.

At Blentech, our passion for high quality food never falters, no matter who our end customers are, particularly when it’s our pets.

Since the inception of Blentech in 1986, pet food processors have recognized the heavy duty design, reliability and durability of Blentech jacketed blenders and direct steam injected cookers. We’ve run many tests on different pet food applications and it’s been found that Blentech’s horizontal twin agitator system gave the pet processor a much better mixing system than agitated hemispherical kettles. Like our human applications, when it comes to quality pet food, you should not settle for a kettle!

Floyd and Daniel Voit, CEO

Blentech has their technologies processing pet food all over the country.

From the production of dog bones on the East Coast to cereal based pet food in the Midwest to meat based moist pet food in Southern California, Blentech cookers are considered the best in the industry. Our Blentech engineers always enjoy visiting a pet food producer because there are often animals in the offices of these processors. In many facilities the management allows the employees to bring their dogs and cats to work with them.

Lumos and Shannon McLarty, Equipment Applications Specialist and Mouse with the glasses.

Here at Blentech, pets are important to us too.

Come talk to our experts at the Process Expo, booth #2020 about your pet food application. Or, find out more about how Blentech’s technologies can make the best food for your best friend HERE.

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