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Success Story: Wildbrine Testing with Blentech

Making the decision to purchase new equipment is not easy.   Weighing the benefits of new technologies, determining supplier capabilities and assessing capital budgets are all issues that need focus to determine what critical decision needs to be made. A visit to the Blentech Innovation Center can help guide you with these decisions.

Our customer Wildbrine found that testing with our process engineering team was essential to assure them that moving up to a larger mixer would reliably help them scale up their business.  They also determined that the automation that a Blentech mixer provided made it easier on their employees as well.  A win-win solution for the team at Wildbrine.

Listen to Wildbrine’s co-founder, Rick Goldberg, talk about his experiences testing with Blentech:


The Blentech Innovation Center is the place where our customers work with our process engineering team to:

–  Define which Blentech equipment can reliably help you scale up your production

–  Develop solutions to solve your unique challenges

–  Test new processes

–  Provide confidence in your purchase recommendations

–  Reduce time needed to develop the scope of your project

–  Experience in person the way Blentech’s superior equipment is built and operates

Testing at the Blentech Innovation Center is the best way to determine which Blentech solution is right for you.  Let us help you start making these decisions today.

Connect with our process engineering team to schedule your test in the Blentech Innovation Center today by contacting us HERE.

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