Steady-State Water Cooking Technology


Blanch or steam safely, effectively, and continuously.  This industrial continuous cooking machine system is configurable for a broad range of products and cooking techniques.

As the flagship cooker for the ContinuTherm family, the ContinuTherm.T has been optimized for effective cooking. When your products are served in restaurants, schools and homes around the world, food safety is your top priority. Don’t risk raw product. This technology maintains consistent cooking temperatures and resistance times. Its unique design provides a yearly savings of thousands of gallons of starchy wastewater and the energy associated with it, maximizing your ROI. Without expensive belts to replace or screens to clean, the Blentech ContinuTherm.T is the ideal way to cook in hot water or steam. The ContinuTherm.T keeps all product surfaces at cook temperatures eliminating bacterial growth and diminishing contamination risk.

  • Infeed Construction

    • Technology ensures submersion for even the most buoyant product.
    • Prevents formation or clumps.
  • Controlled Recirculation System

    • Reduce emulsion formation with gentle recirculation.
    • Lower waste water costs by half.
    • Prevent over and under cooking.
  • Multi Zone Steam Diffusers

    • Zonal temperature achieves a precise +-1 degree F.
    • Forced convection flow breaks up clumps and cooks uniformly.
  • Thermal Cycling

    • Free movement of body extends equipment life.
    • All components designed to handle high thermal stresses.
  • Automation

    • Intuitive interface.
    • Programming for precise process control to obtain consistant, scalable results.
  • Easy Cleaning

    • Wash down machine easily with evenly spaced ports.
    • Minimize downtime by maintaining thermal processing temperature throughout the machine.
    • Avoid time consuming screen cleaning
  • Automated raw material handling options include bag unloaders, feeders and conveying systems.
  • Fluid recycling system removes fine particles, fats and starches reducing water consumption.
  • Ingredient addition systems for recipes that include solid inclusions.
  • Post cook material handling system with dewatering screen.
  • Multiple cooling options like air/water chilling belts, cryogenic and vacuum.
  • Culinary steam filtration system to remove over 95% impurities.
  • Rice, Pasta and Grains
  • Vegetables
  • Crumbles (Pizza toppings)
  • Chilled, Formed and Marinated Meats

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  • Ready Meals Prepared Foods
  • Soups, Sauces and Stews
  • Processed, Analog Cheeses
  • Shredded, Ground and Pulled Meats
  • Rice, Pasta and Grains
  • Crumbles (Pizza toppings)
  • Sweet and Savory Fillings
  • Chilled, Formed and Marinated Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Jams, Jellies and Confectionary
  • Plant Based Proteins
  • Pet Food
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