Steady-State Stir Frying Technology


Cook just like at home with high temperatures and fast agitation. Choose a high pressure steam jacket or upgrade to a thermal oil jacket to stir-fry and brown effectively.

With features borrowed from our VersaWok batch stir-fry cooker, we have devised the ContinuTherm.K capable of continuous sautéing or stir-frying of diced meat, poultry, onions, peppers and other vegetables as well as fried rice. Much like its counterpart, the VersaWok, it’s designed to handle the most extreme temperature in foods. High-pressure steam heats the jacket sufficiently for most sauté applications while thermal oil will generate temperatures appropriate for stir-frying. Fast agitation action mimics the distinctive mixing and tossing action of wok cooking for authentic sautéed and stir-fryed products. The ContinuTherm.K highlights Blentech’s patented scraper system that inhibits burn-on allowing shift-long run times.

  • Solid Flight Agitator

    • Contains product in cooking area to ensure thorough heating.
    • Promotes product integrity.
  • Scrapers

    • Long life ensured by proprietary high temperature polymer blend.
    • Prevent burn on to allow for minimal cleaning time.
    • Improves heat transfer efficiency up to 40%.
  • Safety Features

    • CE grade standards.
    • Interlocked guarding increases employee safety.
  • High Temperature Jacket

    • Rapidly reach high cooking temperatures, up to 600F (300C).
    • Even temperatures across flow channels ensures even browning.
  • Automation

    • Intuitive interface.
    • Programming for precise process control to obtain consistant, scalable results.
  • Thermal Cycling

    • Free movement of body extends equipment life.
    • All components designed to handle high thermal stresses.
  • Thermal oil heating and cooling skid to manage cooling rates reducing thermal stress and minimizing burn on.
  • Load cells for precise control over product moisture loss and yields.
  • Surface finish reduces burn on and clean time.
  • Recipe management for ease of access and batch consistency.
  • Vacuum stir-frying options for accelerated moisture removal and improved product texture.
  • Onboard CIP package reduces cleaning time.
  • Ingredient addition systems for recipes that include liquid, powder and solid inclusions.
  • Oil metering system for accurate dosing of cooking oil.
  • Crumbles (Pizza toppings)
  • Rice, Pasta and Grains
  • Chilled, Formed and Marinated Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Sweet and Savory Fillings

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  • Ready Meals Prepared Foods
  • Soups, Sauces and Stews
  • Processed, Analog Cheeses
  • Shredded, Ground and Pulled Meats
  • Rice, Pasta and Grains
  • Crumbles (Pizza toppings)
  • Sweet and Savory Fillings
  • Chilled, Formed and Marinated Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Jams, Jellies and Confectionary
  • Plant Based Proteins
  • Pet Food
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