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5 Benefits to Testing at The Blentech Innovation Center

Innovation is critical yet change can be hard. It is even harder when moving from an older technology to the latest in food processing solutions. Blentech understands the challenges associated with scale up and hard decisions that need to be made to take your product to the next level.

Have you thought about how testing can help you gain peace of mind through proof of concept?


Here are 5 benefits you can gain by working with our food processing and engineering experts at the Blentech Innovation Center:


1. So you can Stop Scratching Your Head!

Quit searching the internet and playing phone tag with potential vendors. Work collaboratively with our team to find the right solutions for your company. Talk through and experience your solution before you settle for a solution that may not work for you. Don’t get stuck waiting for drawings quotes and proposal before you even know if a solution is feasible.  Start that conversation with us.

 2. To Stay Ahead of the Game

At Blentech, we keep you prepared and up to date by asking the right questions and sending you all the information before your trial. With our pre-trial preparations like sourcing your ingredients, staffing and set up, the burden is off of you.  After the trial, you will be prepared to inform your team of what happened during the trial without attending or the extra effort of writing a report. Comprehensive post-trial reports are included to help you and your executives make decisions.




3. To Discover and Experience

Experience the expertise, attention to detail, and passion for food the Blentech trial team brings to each project. Experience the ancillary equipment that has the ability to integrate into your production line by testing compatibility.

4. To Develop Your Project

Whether you come to experience a Blentech piece of equipment for the first time for a Demo or to perform your own custom trial, seeing what is possible opens opportunities. Legacy customers can keep their existing equipment running while developing new products or existing processes off-site in reduced batch sizes.

5. The Data

Avoid introducing human error into your testing process by manually tracking data. Receive immediate feedback during your trial using the ARTIS™ to live stream your data securely.

Want to learn more about how you can have peace of mind through proof of concept at our Innovation Center? Watch our video here then contact our team to craft your experience at the Blentech Innovation Center.

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