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Vacuum Tumblers


The patented Blentech ‘wave-vane’ system overcomes the disadvantages of other designs by delivering strength in effective end-to-end mixing, tumbling and rapid discharge. The ‘wave-vane’ system is excellent for a wide variety of products. The smooth curvature of the helical vanes is gentle on products such as bone-in chicken, bone-in hams, and beef rounds with minimal product degradation during tumbling. The gentle end-to-end mixing assures even distribution of curing liquids and marinades throughout sectioned and formed products while maximizing protein extraction for better binding of whole-muscle products. Yields of cooked and smoked products are improved because the brine solution is stabilized evenly throughout the cell structure of the meat during the vacuum marinating process, resulting in improved liquid retention in comparison to other vane designs. The gentle, yet rapid vacuum cooling to as low as 40°F (5°C) of a variety of products such as rice, grains, pasta, and staged rice dishes such as biryani and pilau are all applications that make Blentech vacuum tumblers a true asset to a production space. Products exit Blentech tumblers, rapidly chilled, free-flowing, and ready for packaging. Furthermore, with the addition of cryogenic capability, IQF freezing of vegetables and ready-meals is a breeze.


Uniform Mixing
  • Gentle wave-vane designprovides:
    • Smooth front-to-back movement of the product
    • Preservedparticulate integrity on the most delicate products
    • Uniform incorporation of chilling medium
    • Effective vacuum or cryogenic removal of heat energy
Improved Yields & Quality
  • Improved liquid retention within product protein matrix, resulting in improved yields
Reduced Cycle Times
  • Large product surface area for efficient vacuum removal of heat energy
  • Rapid and uniform incorporation of cryogenic cooling medium throughout the batch
  • Complete PLC automation and integration to work with upstream and downstream production processes on Blentech and OEM equipment.
Controls & Automation
  • Precision vacuum control system to operate at optimized vacuum pressure levels
  • Automated, PLC controlled cryogen delivery system
  • Standardized wave vane design to process a broad product range
  • Engineered agitator solutions for delicate products to protect particulate integrity
  • Robust design engineered for maximum life
  • Reduced spare parts, repairs, and maintenance requirements
Sanitary Design
  • Removable nozzle for fast and easy cleaning and sanitation
  • Customizable voltage and frequency for all installations


Core Applications
  • Whole Muscle or Sectioned Poultry, Beef, Pork & Fish
  • Rice/Grains/Pasta
  • Staged Rice Dishes (biryani, pilau)
  • IQF Products
Modes of Operation
  • Marinating
  • Tumbling
  • Cryogenic Chilling
  • Vacuum Cooling
  • Vacuum Loading
  • IQF Freezing

We have found the Blentech cooker to be more versatile than our standard cooking kettles. Our yields and product quality are excellent with the Blentech technology and the cycle times exceeded our expectations! The robust construction of Blentech equipment is unparalleled..

Bruce Cihonski
of Tyson Foods

Blentech Gets Published!

Blentech is published in "Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products."

By: Darrell Horn and Daniel Voit