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Ingredient Loaders


Lift, tilt, and high-lift loaders are built to handle the extreme demands on the production floor. Blentech loaders are built to a high standard of durability and require minimal maintenance.  Each piece of equipment is designed to satisfy the application-specific dump height, related space constraints, and unique bin geometries.


  • Complete PLC automation and integration to work with Blentech and OEM equipment.
  • Right or left-hand and loading
  • Loading chutes
  • Special loading cradles for use with:
    • ​400 lbs – 600lbs capacity kitchen carts
    • Drums
    • Plastic tubs and totes
  • ​Personnel safety barriers
  • Robust design engineered for maximum life with minimal maintenance or spare parts
Simplicity of Operation
  • Simple, flexible, hydraulic controls and power pack included
Utility Customization
  • Customizable voltage and frequency for all installations


Modes of Operation
  • Lifting
  • Holding
  • Dumping
  • Transferring

We have found the Blentech cooker to be more versatile than our standard cooking kettles. Our yields and product quality are excellent with the Blentech technology and the cycle times exceeded our expectations! The robust construction of Blentech equipment is unparalleled..

Bruce Cihonski
of Tyson Foods

Blentech Gets Published!

Blentech is published in "Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products."

By: Darrell Horn and Daniel Voit