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Conveyors & Storage Loaders


Whether the process involves batch, continuous or batch-to-continuous process steps, loading raw materials, receiving discharged finished products and transfer of in-process material from one stage of production to the next in an efficient manner are critical. Blentech manufactures a wide range of ancillary conveyors designed to answer the challenges of material handling. Belt Conveyors: Belt conveyors are the preferred solution for handling raw materials and finished products that are too fragile to be moved by a screw auger. Additional functionality can be incorporated into a belt conveyor system such as particulate dewatering and draining of cooking liquid, steam blanching, or cooling via chilled water or chilled forced air. Screw Conveyors: Blentech screw conveyors are used to efficiently conveying a variety of bulk materials. A screw conveyor’s main function is to transfer bulk materials from one process to another. Screw conveyors are very cost-effective and require minimal maintenance to operate. Storage Loaders: Storage loaders combine a hopper system with the auger allowing materials to be loaded in discrete batches or continuously. Blentech engineers have also applied screw conveyance techniques to solve other applications such as horizontal, shuttling screw augers for distributing ground meat material across multiple processing lines.


  • Integrated to work with production processes on Blentech and OEM equipment.
Controls & Automation
  • Full integration with PLC control system for cohesive and effective process control
  • Integration of level sensors to monitor product quantities to keep production on track
  • Precision ingredient metering per recipe
  • Applicable to the wide array of products produced on Blentech equipment
  • Customized geometry and unique configurations available
  • Multiple pivot locations available to work within client space availability
  • Bridge breaker additions on storage loader conveyors for ultra-viscous products
  • Steam addition on belt conveyors for rice/grain/pasta equilibration or steam blanching
  • Forced air or chilled water cooling on belt conveyors
  • Robust design engineered for maximum life
  • Fewer spare parts, repairs, and reduced maintenance requirements
Sanitary Design
  • Removable belts and safety interlocked access covers for fast and easy cleaning and sanitation
  • Customizable voltage and frequency for all installations


Core Applications
  • Solid granular products/ingredients
  • Raw and cooked meat blends/emulsions
  • Raw and cooked rice/pasta/grains
  • Inclusions
Modes of Operation
  • Forced Air or Chilled Water Cooling
  • Equilibration & Resting of Cooked Product
  • Product Transfer& Conveyance
  • Raw Material Transfer & Conveyance
  • Solid & Liquid Ingredient Metering Systems

We have found the Blentech cooker to be more versatile than our standard cooking kettles. Our yields and product quality are excellent with the Blentech technology and the cycle times exceeded our expectations! The robust construction of Blentech equipment is unparalleled..

Bruce Cihonski
of Tyson Foods

Blentech Gets Published!

Blentech is published in "Thermal Processing of Ready-to-Eat Meat Products."

By: Darrell Horn and Daniel Voit