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Inductive Automation invited Blentech's CEO, Daniel Voit, and Chief Technical Officer, Keith Weerts to share Blentech's AutoChef 2.0™ and ARTIS; Artisan Intelligence for Batch Systems platforms. In this interview, we also discuss making an impact with contextual data, reducing travel and cost, our approach to security, challenges to overcome, digital transformation, and more.

Artisan Intelligence for Batch Systems


In November 2021, Blentech demonstrated its patented AI-enabled Batch Control and analytics platform ARTIS at the FPSA Process Expo trade show in Chicago. Our premium dual mixer, combined with our ARTIS technologies processed a plant based nugget on the prepared foods demonstration line. Check out our equipment and automation from a live run during the Process Expo trade show.

The Blentech ARTIS is a cost-effective, cloud-based historian that remotely monitors and collects secure data from food and beverage operations. The system allows you to remotely gather data from your operations to aid with reducing downtime, thus improving production efficiency and remote record keeping.

Blentech knows the cost to your company when production equipment is unavailable, or the huge advantage you get from increasing your production by 15% through the efficient use of its capabilities. ARTIS leverages the latest secure IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) to help you maximize your production and efficiency through customizable reports on our secure dashboard, allowing you to stay close, even at a distance. The data provided by the simple-to-use, cost-effective ARTIS is fully managed and easy to export using our confidential data protection practices. It integrates with any PLC/HMI and is backed up even if a connection is lost.


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